Canadian Pre-School TV pushing transgenderism with trans puppet.

Orate in action:

The Eminent Sire’s Pontifications Episode 4 Dangerous People Pt. 2 – The 3 ‘I’s in Education

[UPDATE:] More articles on the attack upon the foundations of Society. Life Site News seems to be the largest group to pick up this story? Wonder why that is? Alberta’s NDP says Christian school cannot state that God’s authority supersedes human authority Canadian province demands faith-based schools purge religious content from policies [UPDATE:] Video from […]

51/49 chance your child will die. The NDP like those odds!

Over the past month new content on this site has been rather scarce. There are many reasons for that (including updates and changes to layout, but that will be in my video,) but next to available time, the primary reason is that there has just been so much insanity in government and public education, that […]

PRIDE goes before destruction: The fall of principles.

(Picture is of the Calgary Sexual Health [CSH] Center float in the PRIDE parade. CSH is the same organization that is fighting to impose Bill-24 against parents, regardless of the risks and harm to children that they themselves facilitate and enable.) Recently, I came across a facebook post about a United Conservative Party (UCP) ‘PRIDE’ […]

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