An open letter to the Alberta Ombudsman requesting an investigation into Alberta Education.

Orate in action:

An open letter, to the Alberta Ombudsman…

Click to sign this letter! (Every adult in a household can sign separately.) To the honourable Marianne Ryan, I am writing to you today on behalf of parents, grandparents, guardians, concerned families, and adult residents of Alberta. We, the undersigned, respectfully request that you open a public provincial inquiry and/or investigation into: Alberta Education the […]

Bill-24 One School, One Ideology, One Sacred Sex Act

Those pushing for “Safe Schools” and Sex eds are pushing for having sex with your kids and the legalization of sexual relations between adults and children. This video is all about the “Safe Schools” curriculum in Australia. I’ve linked at a point in the clip just before they are talking about removing age of consent […]

The Eminent Sire’s Pontifications Episode 4 Dangerous People Pt. 2 – The 3 ‘I’s in Education

[UPDATE:] More articles on the attack upon the foundations of Society. Life Site News seems to be the largest group to pick up this story? Wonder why that is? Alberta’s NDP says Christian school cannot state that God’s authority supersedes human authority Canadian province demands faith-based schools purge religious content from policies [UPDATE:] Video from […]

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