Orate in action:

What Good Comes From Facebook?

Facebook is incarnate evil. The people that work at Facebook are evil. They support genocide in China. They support the Great Reset. They support the violence of Antifa. They support the Covid Vaccine. They support all the demeaning, dehumanizing, psychologically damaging Covid restrictions of the ‘new normal’, like wearing a mask. They support the shutting […]

CHLIC #4 – Dec 20th, Love

The Peace week of advent 2020 has been very interesting. A lawsuit has been filed against the Alberta Government over the lock-down infringement on Civil Rights, churches in Manitoba were blockaded by Police. Churches in Alberta were raided and given shutdown orders, unknown persons were going to churches and photographing license plates, and churches were […]

CHLIC #3 – Joy! Dec 13

https://www.facebook.com/christian.malazarte/videos/3129013690492560 Where is your line? Mine was the Mask, and with each day, I am shown I made the right decision. I am not shown that I was wrong. With every video, and news article, I’m shown I was right. I’m shown that this is NOT about health and safety. Not about caring for others, […]