Poll: What does "Conversion Therapy" mean to you?

Orate in action:

What is Conversion therapy?

With the recent trend in municipalities to make themselves legislaters on Conversion Therapy, I thought it was high time we found out what the public thought Conversion Therapy was. It is only after we understand how the public understands it, that we can know if anything even needs to be done.

Is saying there are 2 sexes going to be a crime?

Yes, yes it is. I will not leave you hanging. This isn’t going to be click bate. With the re-tabling of S-260 in the senate as S-202, to ban “Conversion Therapy,” I began to try and draw attention to it, and the need to stop it. In that process I made this statement on facebook: […]

The government of Alberta must protect children from the physical & psychological sexual abuse of gender ideology.

Given the mountains of evidence that gender transition brings serious and irreversible harm, and in some cases death, to those that have been subjected to it. Given the cases of James Younger and the unnamed girl in BC who’s father is being forced to call a boy. Given the case of a mother suing her […]

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