The Five Stages of Grief over Canada

The Five Stages of Grief over Canada

I think whatever timeout corner Facebook shoved me in, may have expired. My numbers have been going up lately. Not where they used to be, but better. Maybe filing a fraud complaint over canceled adds got my FB assigned chaperon’s attention. Or maybe it was the video I did about them illegally demanding a copy of my passport. Who knows. But the numbers are up, and I ultimately have all of you to thank for sharing what I post, and talking about what I share. Despite all the dreary gloom and dread over the incomprehensible idiotic reasoning of the Canadian Human Rights Mob Courts, (did you know a group of kangaroos is called a mob,) we have hope. Canadians like YOU are waking up to the fact that our courts, our government, and our schools don’t give a flying carp about the safety, well being, and future of Canada or Canadians. That they seem only concerned about how to pleasure themselves or how to make a killing while doing it.

I know the work you are each doing is often thankless, and you feel alone.

I know that many of you are working tirelessly in the ‘anti-shadows’, behind the scenes, to wedge back some sanity, reason, and compassion into our political parties. I know many of you are working in our schools to keep the sexual predators at bay, and keep our education pure and effective, against the tide of massive bloated corrupt associations, unions, and lobbies that seek to undermine families and human decency. I know there are many of you in the courts that are depressed and disillusioned with the state of affairs, and are on verge of breaking. I know the work you are each doing is often thankless, and you feel alone. I know at times you feel like Elijah crying out that you are the only one left who has not bowed the knee or kissed Baal. I know that you have felt like Jeremiah, sitting at the bottom of a well, up to your waste in muck, all because you spoke the truth to the authorities.

But you need to know this. You are NOT alone. You are not defeated. You are loved. Just as God preserved Lot from Sodom, just as God reserved 7000 who had not bowed the knee to Baal, just as God sent Ebed-Melech to save Jeremiah from the well, God will preserve his people, and God will restore a nation that turns back to him. We need only stand in the truth of his light, and persevere.

What does it mean to stand in truth?

What does it mean to stand in truth? Well, it can easily be said of me, that I am crass, blunt, and often negatively reflecting on people or governing bodies. For that I do not apologize. I have said what has needed to be said, and I would say it again. For more than 30 years we have been coddling degeneracy and depravity in Canada. The soft touch is not working, and is clearly not an effective tactic. That was how Lot dealt with Sodom. Yes there has always been the remnant that has refused to kiss the ring, but why was it that Elijah was being hunted down to be killed by Jezebel, why was it that Jeremiah was thrown in that well? It was because they said what was forbidden. It was because they were ‘reflecting negatively’ on those in power. They were speaking the truth, even though it hurt peoples feelings, and in reality it was because they shone a light into the darkness of depravity and sin that the officials wanted ‘tolerated.’ It is time was all stopped ‘tolerating’ the depravity in our nation. We need to stop excusing the wicked in our policies, just because compromise is easier. We need to stop being ashamed of our positions, our faith, and our God. The world is not a happy pleasant place. It is a fallen, broken, and deteriorating mess. Pretending that problems don’t exist, so that we don’t get into a ‘negative space’ will make it worse. That is called denial. Congratulations, you are stuck in the first stage of grief.

We need work as though we are rebuilding a nation, not reforming it.

Canada is Dead. I’ve said this recently, and believe it to be true. We are a dead nation, and the sooner we all get to stage 5 of our grief, the sooner we can revive her. Will she be what she once was? No, but neither was Jerusalem. We can make her thrive again though, we just need to quit being outraged every time we here of another injustice or deranged law (anger). We need to stop wallowing in hushed circles with our heads down hoping and praying that they don’t single us out,(depression.) We need to stop sending petitions and pleading with our governing bodies to listen,(bargaining.) We need to accept the fact that she is already dead, and we need work as though we are rebuilding a nation, not reforming it.

Once we accept that we are rebuilding Canada, we can be more effective in our efforts to establish rule of law, to bring justice, and to protect the innocent. Currently we have no coherent or logical established justice, or any form of consistent neutral rule of law. Precedence is no-longer valid. Once we accept this, and admit that it was our reliance on man’s law rather than God’s that killed us, we can have the tenacity and conviction of our Grandparents to build a God fearing morally righteous nation that could stand against the Devil and his minions. We need to ditch the ‘Sorry’ persona, and re-don the old persona of steadfast and unwavering in the face of the German war machine. But none of that comes until you move on with your grief, and get to the acceptance stage.

The things you are seeing happen in Canada, are the signs of a dead nation, not a dying one.

I want to close this with a wake up call. Not to try and remove your hope, but to slap you as one would slap a person in a hysterical fit, to jar them back to reality. A slap done in love, to help bring you through your grief, into acceptance. The things you are seeing happen in Canada, are the signs of a dead nation, not a dying one. All the news around the child predator Yaniv, are merrily the gases of decay escaping the body.

The following video is done by Paul Joseph Watson. It describes the current state of affairs in Sweden: Sweden -> Blandland
(For further evidence of the validity of PJW’s claims, you can watch this Tim Pool Video.)

Where Blandland (Sweden) is at now, is where Canada will be, if not worse, in 4 years. Perhaps a little longer if the decay is slowed by a CPC win in the election. For example we already have the permissive sexual assault of women and children with the aforementioned Yaniv, transgender affirmation, and the Edmonton groping acquittal. (I guess a girls testimony is only worth a third of a man’s to the Judge.) Lethbridge is now the highest ranked city in Canada for increase in crime, and last year it was the third most dangerous city in ALL OF CANADA. Now the mayor is pleading for help, and they are in an undeclared state of emergency.

Lethbridge pleaded to not have a safe consumption site. Lethbridge pleaded to no implement the guidelines to best practices. Lethbridge is still in stage 4 of grief. Edmonton and Calgary are in stage 3 (The sighs in the courtroom on the Groping ruling). This is Alberta, the most conservative and level headed province in the Country. Everywhere else in Canada is worse. Bill-8 by the UCP only made it not a crime to tell parents that their kid was going to a GSA. Nothing else was changed, and not one thing the NDP had implemented in Education has been undone. Things are actually worse, because the lying degenerate child abusers in Education now have the power to fire elected officials that refuse to participate in the torture and molestation of children with LGBT dogma.

So please, stop asking nicely for them to not hurt your children. Start putting them back into their place. Start reminding them who is in charge here. When they come after you, refuse to comply. Refuse to apologize. Refuse to ‘see their truth’. Their truth is a lie. Their intent is to destroy. When building a nation up from the rubble, one does not take the advice of the corpse buried underneath on how to build it. Their plan is what killed them.

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