CHLIC #3 – Joy! Dec 13

CHLIC #3 – Joy! Dec 13

Where is your line?

Mine was the Mask, and with each day, I am shown I made the right decision. I am not shown that I was wrong. With every video, and news article, I’m shown I was right. I’m shown that this is NOT about health and safety. Not about caring for others, but about subjugation and oppression. Everyday the laws that we swore to obey, that were duly and justly established in Canada are being erased illegally. Illegitimate authority is telling us where this is going, and I’ve drawn a line, while I still can. Have you? Will you? Or will you keep moving your line back until you are in that corner as described in the first link above. And if you will not stand up for churches that are being raided and block-aided for holding OUTDOOR CLOSED CAR services, if you are not standing for private citizens who are being jailed and having their private property seized for feeding their families and providing their communities with BBQ, and your telling people that they are not welcome in your CHURCH!!!! because they will not wear a mask? Where is the Love of Christ in that? WWJD? What would He do when the sick are imprisoned and your Mother and Father are forced into isolation, and prohibited from being honoured?
Where is your line? Do you, or will you ever have one?

Am I to believe that the thousands of brother’s and sister’s who hid Jews and smuggled Bibles into the USSR were unChristian? Are the secret churches in Syria and Nigeria, spreading hate and dissension with their ‘conversions’ of people away from Islam? Are they un-Christ-like in their defiance of ISIS? These covid ‘rules’ have no more legitimacy under Canadian law than ISIS does to force us to pay a Jizya tax.

When C-6 ascends into law in a couple months, (ALL of the political parties with any power have already rejected all truth,reason, and compassion), are you going to stop speaking that there are, and only ever have been 2 sexes? Are you going to stop preaching that homosexuality, pre-marital sex , and adultery are sins? Are you NOT going stop the government from cutting your daughters breasts off? Because if you don’t comply, that is 5 years in prison sentence, and a lifetime of sexual abuse by the loving caring ‘authorities’. And C-6 will be/is a law that went through the ‘proper’ process. Which NONE of these covid rules did.

How many more experts are going to have to tell you that they are willfully and maliciously lying to you, before you accept that fact that their experts are anything but?

White Coats, Teachers, and Learners!
“The Results as I observed them in the laboratory, are disturbing. They raise the possibility, that human nature can not be counted on to insulate man from brutality and inhumane treatment at the direction of malevolent authority. A Substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do.Irrespective of the content of the act, and without limitations of the conscience. So long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority.”
Does any of that paragraph sound familiar?

Are you still in denial about the Great Reset? What amount of evidence will it take to convince you that this is a malevolent, malicious agenda to destroy the church and subjugate ALL people, save a few malevolent overlords? Look how many, many churches have already been destroyed. Look how our own churches are falling apart. People that have known each other for decades now accusing one another of un-Christ-like, un-loving behavior.

The 15 per cent capacity will also apply to church services.

Given all the information I have shared here, we are in dire need of joy. Joy that we will not receive from masks or vaccines. A joy that can ONLY be given their faith in Jesus Christ. The Joy that comes from knowing that when Jesus comes back for HIS great and final reset, all of the pain and suffering by man’s greed and selfish ambition will be wiped away forever.
A joy that can not be taken or overwhelmed. A joy that sees Christians smiling as the lions come to rip them apart, or as a communist soldier presses the trigger. A joy I intend to express in song on December 13. Regardless of mans hateful and malevolent rules.

So please join me on at the Medicine Hat Wall-Mart Parking lot as we sing for joy. As we sing:
Angels We Have Heard on High!
Good Christian Friends Rejoice!
Go, Tell it on the Mountain.
What Child is This?
Joy to the World!
& We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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