What Good Comes From Facebook?

What Good Comes From Facebook?

Facebook is incarnate evil. The people that work at Facebook are evil. They support genocide in China. They support the Great Reset. They support the violence of Antifa. They support the Covid Vaccine. They support all the demeaning, dehumanizing, psychologically damaging Covid restrictions of the ‘new normal’, like wearing a mask. They support the shutting down of your business, as long as it helps them. They support the killing of the unborn. They support enslavement. They are engaged in criminal anti-trust, fraud, and the dissemination of lies at a corporate level. For all my fellow Christians, do you honestly think Facebook would not be an organization that would gladly take the mark of the beast, if they have not already?

WHY on God’s green earth do you or I have an account on Facebook? Why do we create pages and have groups on Facebook, if not to just have fellow like minded people join us, showing that we have numbers? Why do we need that? Why does Facebook allow us to even be on Facebook? The only reason I can think of, is they want to keep track of users, for the great genocidal ‘cleansing‘ (as ABC put it) that is currently happening. To continue to stay on Facebook is akin to saying you keep a subscription to Playboy, because you like the articles.
NOTHING GOOD exists on Facebook anymore. Everything must be sent through the meat grinder of ‘acceptable‘ content that people who are supporting systemic ethnic cleaning think is ‘appropriate‘.

The answer I think, is because we are addicted. Whatever our rational is, we seem to think we need our ‘equivalent‘ in morality to a porn site of Facebook. There are plenty of better ways of getting in touch with friends or family. We are not reaching anyone outside the Choir with our messages whatever that message may be. They have us in prisons of like mindedness. Any time we reach someone outside the bubble, they censor us, or silence us. It is time we stopped giving Facebook their lifeblood. It is time to kill the beast metaphorically.

Kick Facebook. I will. At the end of the month. I’m deleting my Facebook account. I will not support the wickedness anymore. Not that they let me do anything anyway. I’ve already had my pages shut down. I can only comment in select groups….and even then, I have a personal hall monitor that decides if posts will be visible or not. So what is the point of me keeping an account, let alone the question of if it is moral for me to keep an account.

I’m writing this message outside Facebook, for the reasons mentioned, but also so that I can share in some of the groups I am part of. My hope is that you will take my words to heart, and move to another platform. Just let me know where you move to. GAB is run by a man who professes Jesus as Lord, so it is probably a good place. Though you may not agree with his doctrine, I’m sure it is a might sight better than Zuckerburg.

I use Minds.com, and that is where I will be from now on. Minds is good for me, because I reach people who are outside my bubble. Yes, there are some ‘bad‘ people on minds, but just as Jesus came for the sick, not the healthy, so too do I wish to reach the sick. Besides the world is a fallen broken place, and if you just want to speak to your friends who are like minded, I guess Facebook works for you, but don’t complain when they eventually choke the life out of you, or make you swear allegiance the new normal.

I’m setting up a group on minds for each group I am a member of on Facebook. I will gladly transfer ownership to the mods/admins of those groups if they choose to make the switch.

It is time the ants stopped letting the grass hoppers have all their food.

Groups I’m a part of on Facebook, that I hope will make the switch to Minds.

Albertans Against Mandatory Masks

Uniting Social Conservatives for a Stronger Alberta

We Choose Freedom – Medicine Hat

Conversion Banned in Canada

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