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Concerned Parents of School District #76 (CPoSD76):

CPoSD76 began in March 2016 as a group of unaffiliated parents having concerns over the proposed policy 621 and 622 of SD76. These parents tried several avenues of appeal to express their concerns to the Board of Trustees of SD76, to little avail. It became quickly apparent that the Board was not going to take their concerns seriously. The parents, frustrated with the barriers that were being put up to block, and intimidate parental involvement in the system, decided to come together in a coalition. This coalition of like minded and concerned parents sought to be actively involved in the development and protection of their children within the Public Education System of Alberta, as is their inalienable right as primary care takers, and is their responsibility under the school act.

The CPoSD76, at present, is primarily a coalition of parents, grandparents, and elector from within and immediately surrounding Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. The CPoSD76 coalition has members and/or support from approximately 30 different congregations and faith groups from within Medicine Hat, and spans multiple demographics from 18-80 years old, religious communities, atheists & agnostics, and individuals who identify as LGBT.

The CPoSD76 welcomes any individual who intends on participating in genuine and reasoned discussion on the issues brought forward by the coalition, participate in any proposed resolution of said issues, or seeks to be actively involved in the activities of the coalition and sees the goals of the coalition achieved in a united manner.

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