C.P.O.S. – Create, Protect, Orate, Solidify

Concerned Parents of SD76

2018 C.P.O.S. Plan


The CPoSD76 C.P.O.S. Plan is the result of a collaborative effort of stake holder parents, religious leaders, and community organization within Medicine Hat Public School District to develop a plan of action to; protect their children, and those across Alberta, from predatory and abusive policy that puts those children at risk, and to uphold and affirm the inalienable human rights of parents & families to be the primary authority in the educational, moral, and ethical upbringing of their children.

The C.P.O.S. Plan consists of four prongs, which the CPoSD76 believe will not only individually accomplish these goals, but as a whole prove to be a powerful tool to affect the culture and direction of Alberta Education without putting undue burden on the system, or the individuals within the system who do not agree with the current direction.

This plan is not set in stone, and the CPoSD76 will be open and willing to address concerns or feedback from parents, teachers, or school councils who wish to further the stated goals of the C.P.O.S. Plan.

The four prongs of the C.P.O.S. plan are as follows:

1. Create

Develop and create policy for SD76, Alberta Education, and provincial government that we believe would satisfy the requirements of current legislation, that also address our concerns, and present it as an alternative.

2. Protect

Protect our children from current curriculum, policy, and legislation that undermines the family, and the security or safety of our children through; legal and peaceful protest and/or walkouts, whistle blower or accountability procedures, and assistance for parents and students to navigate the bureaucratic educational system.

3. Orate

Orate to parents and the public on the current issues facing public eduction from a family centered perspective through but not limited to; events where key questions are presented and the public is invited to participate, information sessions on the Alberta School Act, current legislation, or SD76 Policy & Procedure, and the continuation of posting related articles or court challenges that may affect public education.

4. Solidify

Solidify the Family and parental authority into public education and culture through policy proposals for both provincial government and school boards, and the lobbying of political parties to establish and recognize those principles. To do this via all legal avenues available.

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