Mission Statement

The Purpose of CPoSD76:
The primary purpose of this coalition is to see open, transparent, accountable communication between residents of Medicine Hat and the School Board of SD76. It is our wish to have thoughtful discourse with SD76 that sees the rights of parents being respected by those whom parents have entrusted their own children to.
It is the opinion of those who founded this coalition, that there has been active circumvention of the rights of parents by the board of SD76, and that in the time since March of 2016, shown a level of contempt for the participation of parents in the process, and as such, public trust in the board has been greatly diminished, to the detriment of the children under SD76s care.

The CPoSD76 seek to;

  1. Keep parents and concerned citizens informed on current events regarding the family as it ties to the education of our children.
  2. Encourage parents to be actively involved in the education of their children.
  3. Provide parents with the tools necessary to exercise their rights as parents wherever and whenever necessary.
  4. Hold our public officials, boards, associations and unions accountable to the laws, regulations, and oaths of office to which they swore, and to reprimand and bring just challenges to their actions if necessary and appropriate.
  5. Encourage and embolden parents in other districts to exercise their rights and form similar coalitions, with similar goals as to those of the CPoSD76.

At times, the CPoSD76 may partner or associate with other groups or organizations who’s goals and mission align with the stated purpose and goals of the CPoSD76.

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