Thank you for visiting our site, and I hope you will feel free to engage in discussion, and get involved in what is happening in your school district. Whether it be SD#76, or another. We would like to take this time to explain our privacy rules, in a way that everyone can understand.
As active members of the community and district we understand just how crucial your anonymity is to you. We are well aware of the tactics of intimidation and bullying that go on in the education system and culture at large to suppress any dissent from the ‘narrative’ or ‘norm.’ You are not alone.
We take great care to protect your name and contact info. It will NEVER be shared with ANY other organization without your prior express permission. At times, we may use the e-mail you sign up with to send out notifications about activities the CPOSD76 are participating in. You can request to not receive these notifications if you wish.
We also do not discourage the use of pseudonyms. We believe that the best way to stand up to bullying and intimidation, is to expose it. With an account on you can be anonymous to readers, if you so choose. We encourage you to take a stand, and give your real name, but we understand why you may not wish to do so. We do have some rules on how to comment, or engage in discussion, but we will endeavor to be as transparent on what those are as possible. An explanation of those rules can be found here.

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