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How can you get involved with the CPoSD76?

Currently the CPoSD76 are in the process of collecting signatures on an Open Letter to the Alberta Ombudsman, written by our contributor and site administrator Jeremy Williamson.
You can read and sign this letter here.

Another avenue you could help with is your time. The CPoSD76 operate entirely on volunteer work. There are many events and programs which parents just don’t have time to attend. Board Meetings, parent councils, school programs and events. If we were to have individuals go to these events and meetings and come back and report to other parents in a coherent manner, it would save everyone a lot of time, and help those that could not attend gauge what matters need further attention or warrant concern. The board of SD76 has gone to great lengths to limit the opportunities that parents have to be aware of the internal goings on of the district. It is your right to be informed on the activities of the district, and of your children. Any reports on events could be published here, so that all parents could be aware, without having to all spend the time at events.

You could also contribute via our parent watch page. Have you found an item of concern, or a pertinent article which you think parents would benefit from reading? Did something happen with your child in their school, which other parents should be aware off? You can sign up with an account to contribute, or if you wish, you can send the details to us to publish. We encourage active vigilant participation by all parents in the education & development of their children. (Rest easy, knowing we will not publish any personal details without you express permission first.)

One last area you could help out with is a donation. As was previously stated, all of the work our coalition does is via volunteer. That means no one is paid a salary. However, there are still many costs associated with the work we do. Some of those costs include the registration and maintenance of this website, court fees, and travel expenses. In general, these costs are covered by the individuals who volunteer their time, but the range of activities is limited. People can only work within their own budgets.
The CpoSD76 are not a registered non-profit organization, and as such, we can not issue any receipt for any financial donation. However, your donation does not necessarily have to be a financial one. If you have a skill, or time, or material resources that could be used we welcome that as well. If you wish to make a donation, or would like to know more about a specific need, feel free to contact us!

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