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Alberta Teachers Asociation's (ATA) Resolution on Sex Ed.

On page 28 of the attached Document, the ATA made a resolution to indoctrinate and sexualize children as young as 5 without parental consent, and called in cruel to not force this upon them.


(Current Directive)
Edmonton Public Teachers
BE IT RESOLVED, that the Alberta Teachers’ Association
urge the Government of Alberta to require that all curricular
outcomes related to human sexuality be mandatory for
students attending K–12 schools in Alberta, which receive
public funds, with no provision for opting out.
Note—It is cruel to deny any student the opportunity to learn this
vital information. Some of the most vulnerable LGBTQ2 students
and students at risk of sexual abuse are likely to be among those
excluded by parents from these classes. Well-taught, fact-based
instruction is proven to lead to fewer teen pregnancies and sexually
transmitted diseases. Teachers should be trusted to teach this content,
like any other topic in any course, with good judgment and

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