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Eggen shows his hand, not as a benevolent protector, but as a maniacal dictator.

Over the last 18 months, I have been trying to warn parents. I've tried to tell parents that policy 621 and 622 are not only (currently) illegal, but unethical and dangerous. I've tried to keep parents informed of the horrible precedence 621 and 622 set for stripping parental authority and rights, and make our children ripe for sexual exploitation by unethical individuals like Daved Eggen's right hand man Christoper Wells. This is not, and NEVER has been about what is best for children, but what is best for preparing the next generation to be servile and dependent upon the state, and destroy the family. There goal is to have children come to the state, and be loyal to the state, and to remove those who do not agree with the state.
Why do you think 621 procedures are set up to monitor and punish children for what they do outside school? Why do you think 622 has procedures set up to punish those that don't force the teaching that a 3 year old can choose their sex. They didn't want to have to write them again when the legislation finally came through. THEY KNEW THIS WAS WHERE IT WAS HEADING. The complete destruction of parental authority in favour of enshrining the state as the unquestioned authority on your child's sex and sexuality, and through extension your child's entire education into a re-written history.

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