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Is Canadabalism that much of a stretch?

I have been very harsh on those that support the likes of euthanasia, abortion, child-transgenderism, the destruction of the family in favour of the state, and climate alarmism. I'm frequently accused of being too harsh, and unloving. I take it in stride, because I would rather be thought harsh and unloving, than on the side of depravity and wickedness that would make Sodom blush.

This article in the Post Millenial is not a joke. What the author is making you aware of is not an exaggeration, a euphemism, or hyperbole. It is what passes for 'enlightened' today. It is the agenda. It is out of the mouths of barbarians, heathens, and primitive animals that these ideas come. It is the agenda that petulant, opulent, callous, sycophantic, self worshiping cowards support. It is something that our current prime minister, Justin Trudeau, the SCOC, the Senate, and Parliament would support.

Don't believe me? Just look at what they support now: That 14 year old girl is pregnant by her father? Kill the child, and send the father to counseling for his sexsomnia. That 5 year old boy is saying he is a girl? Rip is dick off, and tell him to prostrate himself for men in drag. Carbon exists in the atmosphere, as it has for thousands of years? Lets make a great 'leap' forward and tear down every building in the nation to make them more inefficient (that isn't a typo). After all, the bees are dying, and we only have 11 years left to live.

Our schools, courts, and government are invested in evil. Those in positions of authority are obsessed with such depravity, that one can not in good conscience support or obey them. The bowls of God's wrath are brimming. It is but only surface tension that keeps them from overflowing. His patience is running out. Rivers of blood are flowing from "sea to sea to sea", and we are spitting on each other over who has the best political activism and 'likes'. Calling one another the 'enemy' while not 1 person in power AND I MEAN NONE, want to see the blood rivers dry up. Not Scheer, or Singh, or May, or Bernier.

We are writing articles, posts, and letters of appeasement, groveling, and surrender. We are absconding to demented depravity and injustice, all so we can have a day or two of delusions of security or adulation. The stench of our petulant rot as a nation has reached the heavens. God's judgment is at the door, and when he kicks in that door, all our likes and adulation will not save us. All our virtue signaling will grant us no mercies. All the blue bins in the world will not save us. Hitler, and Stalin, and Mao will stand and condemn us.

Or maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm the lunatic. Maybe molech will be appeased by our devouring of our spouses and children. But we must remember to

“Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.”

1 Kings 18:27b

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