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NDP Throw a tantrum over Bill - 8

The Media isn't reporting this. Why? Because the NDP are behaving like spoiled petulant babies, and the media love them some socialism. Reporting on the NDP behaviour would make them look bad as well.

Almost all the NDP MLAs live in or around Edmonton, so they can waste your time and tax money delaying EVERYTHING that will fix this province, and keep YOUR MLAs from serving YOUR constituency's needs. Their foot stomping and screaming only proves what an immature bunch of sore losers they are, and why they should NEVER be given power again.

‪We are a team dedicated to #FightingForAlbertans.‬‪The NDP can filibuster all they like, we’ll keep sitting until Albertans get the positive change they voted for. ‬‪Here’s Brooks - Medicine Hat MLA Michaela Glasgo.‬

Posted by United Conservative Party Caucus on Friday, July 5, 2019

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