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Part 2 - Three I's in Education (Ignorant, Incompetent, Insidious)

I've put the links I referenced in the video in blockquotes:

All this material is part of the reason it has taken me this long to put it together.

I just didn't know what to focus on, so I've grouped it into 3 categories, and I'll make a few points on each category.

1. Government Oppression through Education

In Canada:

Alberta Government Demands that Christians Schools renounce their faith or else.
Alberta Education demands removal of references to Bible’s infallibility

'Aggressive attack' by Alberta Education threatens to destroy faith-based schools

Alberta Government demands that independent schools renounce their religious policies

Scrubbing Christ from Christian Schools

10,000 kids in Ontario think they should be taught how to insert a penis into their rectum during class.

Tens of thousands of high school students walk out en masse to protest out-of-date sex-ed curriculum

50% of female to male transgender kids are trying to kill themselves.

In the US:

Pro-Abortion Groups Successfully Push Comprehensive Sex Ed onto California Charter Schools

One bad Apple can spoil the bunch. Is this the kind of people we are supposed to trust our children moral and ethical teaching too?

[Teacher]Dad accused of putting toddler in game machine to steal prizes

School Bans Parents From Viewing LGBT Videos Shown to Kids

School Board forces a change to policy to say sex is assigned at birth.

Elite D.C. school board adopts ‘disturbing’ LGBT sex-ed, overrides parents

2. Apparent disturbing intent and malfeasance.

In Canada:

Autistic boy locked naked in Sherwood Park school isolation room, lawsuit alleges

This is happening in Canada as well. Doctors in Ontario charge $9000CAD to cut the breasts off of 14 year old girls.
U.S. Doctors Are Performing Double Mastectomies On Healthy 13-Year-Old Girls

David Staples: In new social studies curriculum, there's no such things as Albertans

Ontario will still teach ‘gender identity’ despite scrapping Wynne sex ed: Education Minister

What is the worst possible outcome of Transgender Ideology? An entire generation of sterilized, mutilated, suicidal, confused, unproductive citizens.

Jordan Peterson - If Trudeau was here.

In the US:

The American Academy of Pediatrics Has Lost its Mind

Trans activist complains that women suffering breast cancer are delaying “top surgeries”

The Tragic Link Between Transgender Teens and Suicide

Pennsylvania Health Teach arrested for sex with underage girls.

Bethel Park teacher arrested by North Strabane police on internet sex charges

Good teachers in the unions, appear to be in the minority, or at least not doing anything to stop the real minority.

US teacher's Union shows the world why forcing teachers to pay dues was a bad idea.

Sexually explicit question in 'health' class.

The LGBT movement is intended to sexually victimize your children. The entire theory of children being sexual beings is predicated on the raping and molestation of children. All those that support it, whether by ignorance or by 'expert knowledge' are supporting the molestation and emotional, psychological and sexual abuse of children. There is no grey area. The movement is centered on child abuse. If they do not wish to be associated with child abuse, they need to either pull their self righteous virtue signaling heads out of the sand and do some actual research on it's history, and it's masses of abused victims, or be imprisoned for knowingly perpetuating it.

DEBUNKED: The Dark History of ‘Gender Theory’ | Louder With Crowder

Ivy League student known for fighting sexual violence is charged with child sex crimes

Hilliard, OH Teacher makes students take a depraved morality test.


WARNING! This is extremely disturbing!
‘Drag Syndrome’: LGBT activist creates drag show using males living with Down syndrome

Swedish Professor Under Investigation for Telling Students 'Men and Women Are Biologically Different'

Schools in the UK think all children should be exposed in School. (The Justice seem to think this as well.) to the "wither-tos and why-fors" of every explicit sex act and lifestyle under the sun, in order to be a good citizen. Like not knowing what anal sex is, is going to harm the kids development in some way?

WHY TRUMP’S SCOTUS PICK MATTERS: Protecting The Innocence Of Children

3. Threats, harassment, and intimidation.

In Canada:

Guide leaders axed over trans objections

‘Transphobic’ student editor fired for insisting ‘women don’t have penises.’ He’s not backing down.

Peterson sues WLU for calling him a Nazi. Smearing people from positions of authority.

Jordan Peterson files $1.5 million suit against university for calling him a Nazi

In the US:

The Same University that wants your kids to watch porn, are disobey judicial orders, in order to be vindictively harass men.


Trans activists at London University claim that the Gulags were “compassionate” places for “re-education”

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