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Professional indoctrination of sex in children.

Here is a link to the Professionalism of the professionals that Premiere Kenney has decided to let professionally determine if you are a professional parent, and in their professional opinion decide if you are worthy enough to know what your child is doing at school.

[Ontario College of Teachers:] Professionally Speaking - June, 2019

"Teaching LGBTQ Students: Six steps to creating an inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two spirit and queer learners."- pg. 36

1. Practice self-reflection [Check your privilege you cis bigot.]

2. Soak up knowledge [Consume the propaganda. Science need not apply.]

3. Encourage inclusion lessons [Force your kids to high fives penises. (Outside Edmonton)]

4. Encourage inclusion in the entire School [Expel the kids who think for themselves.]

5. Share your own experience [Groom your favorite sex toys.]

6. Start today [DO IT NOW, "Or Else"]

I've adopted this list for Alberta, Life Site News' version is written for Ontario.

[Life Site News:] Ontario teachers are aggressively brainwashing students in LGBT

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