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They are coming for your kids. This is not a joke.

The case is this link is identical in principle to a case in Ontario, that happened shortly before Ontario Bill-89 was passed.

RELEASE: Christian couple rejected as adoptive parents, due to religious beliefs

Bill-89 made it so that your own biological children could be taken from you if didn't accept that your child was born in the wrong body. If you didn't adhere to and believe your mentally undeveloped child's 'creed', than you were an abusive parent, and your child would be given to another mentally unstable person who would 'affirm' that 'creed' and subject your child to actual physical abuse and mutilation of their bodies. That is the current law in Ontario, and that is what is going to happen in Alberta unless you stop it.

Bill 10 was the first step in removing your rights as a parent.
Eggen's proposed Bill 24 is the second.

The third and final will be to introduce Ontario Bill-89 style legislation in Alberta. At that point, they will have given themselves the right to seize your children for not holding the state doctrine.

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