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This has nothing to do with promoting sex in schools. Nothing.....

More and more pedophiles(especially females) are becoming teachers in Schools across Canada, because they know that the Provincial and Federal government are not only endorsing the sexualization of prepubescent and early adolescent children, they are forcing it.

Gender identity at 4 & 5.

Free copious distribution of condoms.

Age of consent lower and lower.

No restrictions or penalties for minors having sex with each other.

Explicit teaching of multiple forms of gratification and sexual 'fulfillment'. (Vaginal, Oral, Anal)

Teach about identifying the 'tropes' in porn, rather than discouraging porn from being available, or the damage it does to relationships.

No discussion AT ALL about age appropriateness.

Insulting and disproportionate punishments between women and men who commit a sex crime.

The government doesn't care about protecting your kids. They actually want to victimize them, by removing all the protections in the law, and forcing you to put them in life threatening circumstances. (Ontario Bill 89)

Ontario teacher accused of 36 sex crimes, making pornography involving youths aged 12 to 15


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